OCTOBER 19, 2019

Love is a Journey...

Our First Year Together - 2009

The summer of 2008, Katie worked as a cart attendant at the Hidden Valley Golf Course in Derry, NH. While cruising around the course, she met a man who she knew would be in her life forever. Bryan was a Wednesday night league with the guys, golfer. Wednesday became Katie’s favorite day of the week. After several Wednesday nights of Katie overly serving the guys, the season ended. Bryan and Katie went on with life both not knowing if they’d ever see each other again. Until one day, a year later, they ran into each other at a charity ride for a mutual friend. Now, both single, planned to hang out, and been inseparable since. 

Naples Princess Yacht - 2017

Fast forward ten years, living in Florida, we are going through this journey together. Bryan surprised Katie with a Dinner Cruise on the Naples Princess Yacht and popped the big question in December 2017. And a surprise it was, it had only been 8 short years Katie had been waiting for this day to come! Now here we are, preparing for our big day!

Ziplining - Attitash Mountain 2016

Our journey together has been more exciting than we ever imagined. We have both worked very hard to make our move to Florida a reality. We love living in Paradise! Together we have hurtled obstacles, set goals and sought them out. We even conquered our dreams of becoming storm chasers, and thanks to Hurricane Irma hitting our coast in 2017, it opened a door to so many work opportunities.

California - 2019

We have since been to California a few times to assist with state of emergencies, and plan to continue to travel for work as needed for catastrophes. Some people can’t understand how two people can spend so much time together, home and work, but we wouldn’t have it any other way now. Guess we truly are the butter to each other’s bread!

Parasailing - Fort Myers Beach 2015

The future holds so many wonderful opportunities for us, and we are eager to experience life as husband and wife. We are blessed to have found each other and blessed to have so many amazing family and friends to share our journey with. We are excited to invite you all to our new world here in Paradise! Now get your behinds to Florida and let’s make this thing official!!
To love and to laughter and a happily ever after!


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